Duplex Business Cards

  • We are experts in printing business cards, and duplex is one type we pride ourselves on very highly.
  • Duplex business cards are perfect if you are looking to make a lasting great first impression. These thick and stable cards can show your customers that you take pride in your image and pay attention to the smallest detail.
  • Duplex cards feature two sheets layered together. These can be two different coloured sheets. One or both of these sheets could match your company colours. We are happy to help you to find the right colour paper stock if needed.
  • It is very easy to order from us through our online templates. Simply upload your artwork or choose one of our designs to customise.
  • If you would prefer, you can email us with your artwork along with your invoice details. For instructions on how to do so, go to our placing an order page.
  • Turnaround time on duplex cards would normally be 5-7 working days. These cards take longer than standard cards because we like to allow time for the drying of the gluing between the sheets, ensuring the highest quality and finish.
  • If you require your cards to be foiled or printed with a digital spot UV, please email info@madebydirect.co.uk or call 01920 465 023

Duplex Business Cards Templates:



Quantity Standard




Soft Touch




50 £24.95 +£1.00 +£2.00 +£1.00
125 £49.90 +£1.50 +£3.00 +£1.50
250 £79.75 +£2.00 +£4.00 +£1.75
500 £156.00 +£3.00 +£6.00 +£2.00
1000 £260.00 +£4.00 +£8.00 +£2.50